Getting Ready For An Artsy Weekend

I gave you a head’s up last week about this week and as usual, artists waited until the last second to send in the information about their shows/popups, events.  Please look at the list below and pick something fun to do over the weekend.


The opening show at the Frida Gallery (Frida Galerie) The gallery is showing artwork from member artists including Tanja Hirschfeld.  The space is located at Baaderstrasse 15.  The event starts at 1800. A cute little gallery space showing artwork by Munich based artists.



Nightshift Popup Store/Exhibition by Christian Bolza and Rene Arbeithuber on Friday November 27, 2015 @ 1800.

Short time Galerie begins their annual Holiday existence at St. Anna Platz showing works by Tanja Hirschfeld, Yeonsoo Kim, Steffen Kern, Martin Sander, Pia Winkenstern, Michaela Wühr, Peter Boerboom & Carola Vogt, Julia Pfaller12295694_861379753930555_1185842875_o

Art Auction – Internationale Kunstauktion on Friday November 27, 2015 Vernissage starts at 1900 and the auction starts at 2000.  Art Goes Underground, Kapuzinerstraße 20  Back Building. 80337 Munich.

Ray Moore is having a party on Friday November 27th at Miao, Dachauerstrasse 14, 80469 Munich, Germany. Maybe he will be wearing his new fashion line and singing his song…

There is also a benefits concert-Munich Musicians for Refugees @ IG Feuerwache, Ganghoferstr. 41, 80339 Munich starting at 1900.



has organised an exhibition at Arthaus Neuhausen showing works from Joachim Lischka, Peter Kohout, Max Ackermann, Stefan Schlotterbeck, Heike Wiebke, Gerd Matschke, Jürgen Bauer, Elwood, Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow, Ulli Schmeling, Peter Adacker, Emmy Ann Horstkamp, Justin Koller, Susanne Nawroth, Manuela Illera,gabriele, Iliana Beshkova, Niko Vartiainen, Knut van Bris, Elzemieke de Tiége, Hazel Ang, Hubertus Breuer, Nina Schmid, Wencke Rowek, stan lafleur, Bobbie Komarek, Stefan Maier, Katrin Klug, Josef Maria Hader, Bärbel Wolfmeier, Christian Engelken, Maud Gravereaux, Knut van Brijs, Tina Schlegel

The exhibition opens with a party on November 28th and artwork will be up on the walls until January 10th.

Party starts @1900 Nibelungenstr.3, 80639 Munich, Germany (very close to the Rotkreuz Platz Ubahn stop).


Hello? What happened to Friday? When I first moved to Munich, the artists kept telling me that you don’t put an event on Friday because no one is in the city.  I guess I proved them wrong with the Friday Gallery.  Look at how many events are listed for Friday.  I wonder if this is just for the holiday season or if this trend will continue into 2016.

If you are a Munich Artist and you have an event and I didn’t post it, it could be because you didn’t invite me on Facebook. Please do not be offended if you are missing from the list. Keep sending me your information and eventually it will click.

The best way to get information posted is to visit me. My studio is at Frauenstrasse 18 and you are welcome to come by and introduce yourself. I like meeting new artists, artists I already know or people who love art.  I speak German but love writing in English (my mother tongue.)

I’m usually around Tuesday, Wed, Thursday from 900 to 1500.  Text me to make sure. Sometimes I have meetings or I’m working someplace else.




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