What Did You Miss? A Great White Bear and M.E.

Friday is a good day for sketching

Yelena Vakker stopped by my studio on Friday to work on our Sketchbook. It is exciting to see our little sketchbook filling up with artwork.

If you are interested in working on the book, please email emmy@kyfio.com. We have six spots left.

Yelena working on her sketch.
Yelena’s  sketch for the sketchbook upside down. She did the last page and is looking at it, but it is an abstract so you can enjoy it from both directions.

As you can see from the photos, I’m still working on the space at Frauenstrasse 18.  Hopefully it will be finished this week. I will keep posting photos so you can keep track of the transformation process.

Sunday I Missed A Big White Bear but Found A Few Munich Artists Keeping Warm in Haidhausen

Oh yes, I can miss something this big. Thank goodness I was by myself and not dragging someone along to look at urban art.


Mister Woodland sent me the address last week but I was unable to get out of the studio to go meet him so when I walked into the courtyard on Sunday and saw his name on the wall, I thought “Hmm, that is smaller than I expected,” and I went ahead and snapped the following photos of his mural at the back of the children’s playground. (The under the sea mural is to the left of the “Polar Safari” piece.)

This morning, I posted the under the sea image on Instagram and Mister Woodhouse asked if I saw the other work. What other work? I was sneaking around a very quiet courtyard and it never occurred to me to walk around the building.  Now I have to head back to take some photos of “Polar Safari” located at Trogerstrasse 24 – Way in the back.

If you go visit the artwork, please be respectful. This is a residential building with a kindergarten so no snapping photos of kids or people.

Selling Artwork on a Sunday Afternoon

I stopped by to say hello to a few Munich Artists selling their wares at a local craft market.

April Mcgee selling her Jewellery.  I love the use of the suitcases. 
Katrin Klug selling her Kategos Series


If you are a Munich Artist and you are going to be selling your work at a Christmas Market, please let me know. I will be making the rounds to the Christmas markets and telling people where you are.   Email me at emmy@kyfio.com or send me an invitation through Facebook so I can share the information on my weekly post of things to do.   I will try to make a page for the Christmas market information but if I don’t I will share photos of you and your wares on Instagram and on my daily posts.


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