Yesterday on my way to the Triumph Inspiration luncheon, I passed by this sign for KulturGeschickstsPfad which means cultural historical walk. (If you want to follow the path, you can find the information on Munich’s very informative public website.)



The sign got me thinking about Munich Artists and the path I’ve chosen.

I am not a traditional art blog. I don’t always share with you a laundry list of things to do.  I am not a traditional gallery/e-commerce site trying to soft sell you into buying artwork and I am not an art agency hunting for jobs for artists. Those are not my paths.  My path is creating a brand called Munich Artists.

“What do I get out of it?”  (A question I was asked yesterday at the lunch.)

Up to this point, the ROI for this project has been emotional. Munich Artists makes me happy and allows me to experiment with ideas and to see how they work.  I get to build a brand which will allow me to pursue a financial return at some later date – I planted a seed and am watching it sprout.

We are creating our product/services which focus on creativity, productivity and balanced living.  I’m testing my time management skills to see how much extra work I can add to my day and we are looking to see what we can add/create/organise for Munich Artists that will strengthen the brand without breaking the bank.










Written by Emmy Horstkamp

Hi, my name is Emmy and I live in Munich, Germany. If you want to know about art me visit my art page www.emmyhorstkamp.com or visit me in Munich, Germany

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