1st Edition of Triumph Inspires

I will be at the Triumph Inspires Luncheon tomorrow. If you flip through the book, you will see a photo of me with a short blurb that says I organise Munich Artists and that I was a kindergarten teacher.

When did that happen?

After working as a lawyer and before working as a features writer,  I worked as a kindergarten teacher. This was a conscious decision by a single mother in Germany – It was not an accident.

As a single mother, I needed a job that fit a single mother’s life in Germany (a decade ago) and teaching children fit the bill.

Although studying law prepared me for the business side of art, teaching kindergarten prepared me for the challenges of working with adult creatives. Teaching children showed me the sheer creative force of a group not restricted by assumptions and layers of social norms. It showed me how to deal with someone immersed in a passionate pursuit and how to live in the present moment.

Teaching kindergarten is the reason I keep poking at German artists hoping to stretch their creative muscles and increase their productivity. I’m grateful I taught kindergarten but I’m also grateful everyday that I no longer teach kindergarten. If you want to know why, ask me.


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