Time. Room. Put Them Together and You Have ZeitRaum – A German Furniture Manufacturer

I avoid leaving Munich.  I’m a staycationer and a city girl but on occasion, I will venture into the wilderness of Bavaria to visit an artist or to see a piece of architecture.


On Saturday, I ventured to Wolfratshausen to visit a ceramic artist and passed by a sign that said ZeitRaum Showroom.  A flash of something wonderful caught my eye as I sped by so I had to stop on my way out of the city to see why Zeitraum snagged my attention.

12248496_929426940445787_227040727_o (1)

Zeitraum. Is it a place to find more time?  A meditation center?  No, it is a furniture manufacturer.  The person I spoke with inside, said that Zeitraum started out making tables and have expanded into chairs, couches, and beds.

The pieces cost thousands of Euro and the quality is amazing.  I found myself touching everything like a toddler and wishing I had an unlimited budget to furnish my house and Frauenstrasse 18.

Zeitraum is at max production right now so you will have to wait about 2 months for a piece of furniture and maybe even longer now that we are closer to the Christmas season.


Here is a detail of one of the chairs.

12255206_929426617112486_1667453984_o (1)

The front of this chair is a wool blend and the back is leather. You can have leather, suede, or another textile on the back. I personally loved the chairs with suede on the back in a contrasting colour. Beautiful in aesthetic and a tactile experience we should all incorporate into our households.

I’m in love with their loveseat called “Kanapee” which is part of their new product line.  A small couch designed for short conversations not afternoon snoozes. I’m not a fan of people sleeping on my couch or on my floor or anywhere near me. Work Artists work while you are up and if you want to sleep go find a bed.


I was surprised that I liked this design so much. Maybe it was the suede/textile combination or the very firm couch seat (Don’t plop yourself down, you may break your tailbone.)  The rep at the showroom said the dining room version of the couch is best if you have older clients or household members. The lounge version of the small couch has a dip that older people have a hard time climbing out of but if you want to torture your in-laws or offer an office bootcamp, go for the lounge.

if you are flexible about color,material and style check out the Zeitraum deals available on the Zeitraum discount site.

A leather/textile chair for around 1k Euro:



A Table made from American Walnut is around 3k Euro

01139_1_M_11_DESK_NussA really cool looking chair for around 700 Euro (regular price is 1k Euro)


The Zeitraum furniture can be ordered from the following stores in Munich or through your architect / designer.


Design Raum

Neue Werkstaetten

Robert Widmann

Collection 2

Thiersch 15

TK 33 Kremer

Design Funktion

Stein 11

Marcus Hansen

Fangirl is now getting off her fangirl platform and will go back to writing about the artists in Wolfratshausen. If you want to give me a nice Christmas present, think about getting me a Kanapee made from wood, NOT pastry.

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