Hello Munich Artists – The Sketchbook Project Begins. Lets get sketching.

This sketchbook project is based in Brooklyn, NY.  We heard about this sketchbook project from Hazel Ang

Page from Hazel Ang’s Sketchbook

Katrin Klug,

Sketchbook page from Katrin Klug’s Sketchbook

and Kerstin Klein

I loved looking through the digital sketchbooks and decided this would be a fun project for Munich Artists. The sketchbook project digitalises the sketchbook so you can share the link to the sketchbook/artwork with everyone you know.

As you can see, I had to pay an enormous amount of VAT for two sketchbooks sent from the US to Munich, Germany.  I had no clue 23 Euro would be added to the price of this project.  Luckily, I am not passing this cost on to you.  All you need to do is decide if you want to invest a few hours sketching in our joint sketchbook.

Here are the two sketchbook packages that I purchased. (One is for me personally).    
I’ve chosen Memoir as the theme for the Munich Artists sketchbook. 17 Munich artists can create a sketch over two pages based on this theme.  Two/three artists can work together on a two page spread if they want.  Each artist who works on the sketchbook shall create the artwork at my studio so that I can keep track of the book and post it off to Brooklyn by the deadline. (It can go offsite but only with lots of planning.)

I posted this once in our Facebook group and now, I’m going to start making the list of artists.  I’m keeping the sketchbook at Frauenstrasse 18, 80469 Munich.  You are welcome to work on the sketchbook During the week (between 900 and 1500 or over the Weekend.  You can come any T,W,TH or on an available weekend:

  • November 14/15
  • November 21/22 Manueal Illera
  • November 28/29
  • December 5/6 Penelope Richardson
  • December 12/13
  • December 19/20 Theresa Birkner
  • January 9/10
  • January 16/17 Brigitte Pruchnow
  • January 23/24 a. Echevarria
  • January 30/31 Choco Bot
  • Feb 6/7 Maximilian Lueckenhaus
  • Feb 20/21  Emmy Horstkamp (I’m going to fill in any gaps)

If you want to be one of the 17, please email emmy@kyfio.com or message me on Facebook. I will add your name to the following list:

  1. Emmy Horstkamp
  2. Manuela Illera (done)
  3. Brigitte Pruchnow
  4. Katrin Klug
  5. Yelena Vakker (done)
  6. Rainer Schmitten
  7. E. Echevarria
  8. Penelope Richardson
  9. Petra Winter
  10. Angelica Zeller Michaelson
  11. Edina Fischer
  12. Bobbie Komarek
  13. Choco Bot
  14. Dora
  15. Theresa Birkner
  16. Tanja Hirschfeld
  17. Maximilian Lueckenhaus

You can work during any of those weeks at my studio. I will gladly meet you at your art studio on one of the weekends for a four hour window as long as the studio is within spitting distance of Munich.  If you want longer than four hours, you’ll need to come to Frauenstrasse 18 to work on this during the day or Saturday evening.   We have 12 weeks and 16/17 Artists.  I have no problems having more than one artist per week or we can plan a group get together of artists to work on the book pages over a weekend.  I will scan your artwork/page so you have a digital version of your work but the original sketchbook will be kept at the sketchbook library in Brooklyn, NY

PS. I’m covering the cost for sketchbooks/Zoll. There is no compensation to artists for doing a sketch.  This is a fun international art project that I wanted us to participate in and share our work in their library.   I will share the artwork created by each artist on Munich Artists in a post the day the work is done and on a project page.

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