A half finished house has been dangling from the lamp in my studio for weeks now. This delicate construction made from wire, newspaper and, well, space is meant to continue the series of wire homes I made since 2014. But while the hand sized versions stand upright quite naturally, this larger one does not. This is the reason I had to hang it on the ceiling. And there it remained, swinging in and out of my consciousness, until this week.

I am constructing makeshift houses to explore what makes up a home. Stability is part of the „home“ fiction, not something any place can deliver. Yet, I finally accepted that a larger home needs more support. Would additional layers of words on paper increase steadfastness? I wrapped more local news and international headlines around the structure , but the house would still fall flat as soon as I let it off the hook. Evidently, introducing more information cannnot stop a frail house from breaking down.

Munich Artists -Ines Seidel 1_wip_1_600x
Munich Artists -Ines Seidel

My next approach was adding sticks from a hazel tree. They certainly made this home more solid. Nevertheless, it still tilts and bends when I touch it. Yet, the responsiveness and uncertainty seems honest to me. This home doesn not pretend to be anything but transient.

Munich Artists -Ines Seidel
Munich Artists -Ines Seidel

Luckily, the structure is stable enough now to take a walk with me. Carrying this weird piece around town, early in the morning, is the funniest part of this project, and, to be honest, it makes me feel more at home in the place I am currently living in. I take pictures until my camera needs recharging. I’ll have to go out and take more pictures later. For now it is back to the studio with this home. And maybe, I will rework it again, make it a bit more stable, again.

Munich Artists -Ines Seidel
Munich Artists -Ines Seidel

Munich Artists -Ines Seidel

Munich Artists -Ines Seidel 1_wip_1_600x


Written by Emmy Horstkamp

Hi, my name is Emmy and I live in Munich, Germany. If you want to know about art me visit my art page www.emmyhorstkamp.com or visit me in Munich, Germany

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