Review: WunstKunst in Munich – Reminds me of American Trinket Machine

Did you know we have a Wunstkunst Machine in Munich?  It is on a wall with some very cool Streetart by Mister TONA.   I went over to Corneliusstraße to shoot the Greenish wall with children’s portraits and noticed that the cigarette machine was not dispensing cigarettes – It was dispensing artwork.


I dug through my pockets and found that I did not have 3 two Euro coins in my pocket.  I had 2 two Euro coins and change. Looking around, I saw a guy standing at the bus stop and I asked him for a change exchange.  He heard my accent and responded to me in English that he will gladly give me a two Euro coin in exchange for the equivalent in smaller change so we swapped and I had the correct coinage for the machine.  So much work…


Back to the machine, I plunked in six Euro and opened one of the drawers to withdraw a package.  I hoped it would be like the US cigarette machine artomat where you get a tiny piece of original artwork. If you want to get involved with them, here is the link.

Artomat US Art-Cigarette Machines

This machine by Berlin based Wunstkunst is not like the US machine.

image image

The package is an old cigarette case. I was hoping that the box would hold a little treat like my soap cow that I bought from Micheko Galerie in Maxvorstadt for around 100 Euro.  (Would I ever have 100 Euro in 2 Euro coins in my pocket?)

Saya Irie Cow Soap
Saya Irie Cow Soap in a box

The little box from Wunstkunst did not have art inside.


I got the following:


I was hoping those little pieces of paper were stickers that I could put on the light posts but they are just little ads or collector cards. I’m still not sure who is the target audience for this cigarette package but the best part of the package is the little written note and the confetti. I’m actually thinking of taking all of the pieces and using it in an encaustic art piece. or pimping the whole thing and then putting it out for Free Art Friday.  Why didn’t they just give me some stickers instead of a 6 Euro coin/keychain holder which is neither art or good design or something I would even give to my child to use.


The feeling I’m left from this experience is the same feeling I got they toy machines you find next to the cigarette machine. As a child, I would stick a few coins into the machine and out would shoot a plastic ring or a plastic something or other that ended up at the bottom of my toy chest filling the crevices until my mother got annoyed and did a massive spring cleaning of my “treasures.”

In the package there was a little plastic card that you can use to download a “gift” from the website.  My gift was an MP3. (Value = 99 cents.) Wunstkunst offers something similar for free on soundcloud (go here to listen).

If you wander past this machine to see the street art by TONA, remember to keep your expectations in check if you have the correct change for the machine and decide to support this art group.


PS: Lets strike a deal. You can have my Wunstkunst box for 10 Euro. I’ve packed everything back in and have not used anything. It is in its original condition.  Mint.  This is a sale between you and M.E.  No professional companies involved.  I paid full cash for this little box and it belongs all to M.E.   I will throw in a few stickers and a few of my postcards worth 6 Euro.  Good deal. Good deal. Just email and we can meet for the exchange. 


  1. I really like this little box of wunstkunst. Can not understand why you don’t like!!! These are the little things in life and they are wonderful 🙂


    1. I don’t like paying six Euro for it. If it was free it would be a different story. I’m glad you like the little box. In the article I compare it with another similar project which charges people to buy the pieces from a cigarette machine. The project is not unique and will always be compared to other projects which are similar from other countries. Unfortunately for this machine, there is a trinket machine on the same street. This machine offers little trinkets for a Euro. The contents of the Wunstkunst box is worth about 1 Euro. I understand the machine is designed for six Euro, but then you should recruit artists to make art for the boxes… then charging money would be appropriate. I really like the idea which is why I even bothered to write an article about it.


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