Marienplatz Subway

Artsy Things to Do in Munich for October 26 – November 1st

Are you ready? The marathon art month that is October is about to draw to a close.  Munich Artists is getting ready for a holiday in NYC but if you are staying in MUC, how about checking out some of the following artsy events this week:


  • Do you like “old” art? (as one artist at Stroke ltd called it.) If you do, hand over your money for a ticket to visit the Kunst-Messe Muenchen at the Postpalast Wredestraße10, 80335 München.  Open daily from 1100 to 1900 until Sunday.  No impulse buying at this fair unless your commuter car is a Bentley.  Galleries are from Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.


  • International Art Fair – Brunnenhof der Residenz – 19 international art dealers. Ditto from above.  The Bentley crowd.  I can see some entrepreneurial Munich Artists trying to sneak in and sell their art but you better save your energy.  Those galleries will not be interested in unknown contemporary artists. Please keep your portfolios at home.
  • Reflektor M – Talk + Party  Talking about Opening and Closing of Alternative Exhibition spaces in Munich.  Talk. Talk. Talk. Will their talking match what I’ve experienced? Lets all go find out.  Round Table discussion with Tuncay Acar (Import Export / Kreativquartier), Diogo da Cruz + Jesaja Rüschenschmidt (Künstler – Roundabout Collective), Anna McCarthy (Künstlerin), Amedeo Polazzo (Künstler), Laura Sanchez Serrano (Kuratorin / Netzwerker).  If you have the energy, @22 they will have a DJ and the party begins. (I don’t have the kind of energy on a Wed.)
Marienplatz Subway
Marienplatz Subway
  • The Marienplatz Subway.  Go there with your camera before it gets all grimy from daily use.  One day there was scaffolding everywhere and the next, there is an orange glow and lots of room to walk.  I’m happy they finally have this part of the renovation completed.  I find it very artsy like the public art piece over by MEAG



SATURDAY IS HALLOWEEN. Do you have a costume?  Do you celebrate this American holiday in an artsy German way or do you shun this American invasion of costumes and candy on the last day of October?  I will be in NYC with my daughters Walking in costume in the Halloween parade because, my German/American daughter has never celebrated halloween in any real sense of the word. We decided to do it big this year by surrounding ourselves with lots of crazy Americans costumed and parading through NYC.  IF you are in NYC, we will be dressed as zombies. Look for us or join us or ignore us. I’m ok with any of that.

Sunday November 1st


If you have an event next week, please send me the invitation as a Facebook Invite. If you are not on Facebook, why not? Think of it as your yellow pages.  You don’t have to pour out your personal life onto the internet, just make it easier for us to find you – The artist you… not the accountant/banker/lawyer/doctor/art critic you.

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