If you also are getting into the Christmas mood, how about using that good feelings and making an A4 drawing to share as a colouring page.

Here are the themes.  You can create one or 12.  If you have a specific day you want to draw, please email so I can put your name down as one of the artists working on the theme.  The deadline to send me a piece to be included in the colouring book will be November 15th.

Who can participate?  ANYONE  (Please email and add your name to the doodle.)


  • 1 – Red Squirrel in an apple tree
  • 2 – subway mice
  • 3 – pretzels (Brez’n)
  • 4 – Weisswurst  (reserved for ML)
  • 5 – Golden Lions
  • 6 – Cameras snapping
  • 7 – City Bikes in motion
  • 8 – City Bridges for painting
  • 9 – Dirndls a dancing
  • 10 -Isar Rocks for skipping
  • 11 – Dachshund sniffing
  • 12 – Church Bells Ringing


A4 – Portrait


Line Drawing, Street Art, Illustration, Comic.  No abstracts please.


November 15th


Artwork must be a Line drawing so people can colour it.  the image can be computer drawn or hand drawn and scanned. Please send a 300 DPI file to me so that when I make the PDF and people print it, the lines are clear.

You Must give us permission to use the image in a Munich Artists Colouring Book for commercial purposes and allow us to post it online for download by the public for personal use only.

Look forward to seeing your art.



Photo: CC George Eastman House

Written by Emmy Horstkamp

Hi, my name is Emmy and I live in Munich, Germany. If you want to know about art me visit my art page or visit me in Munich, Germany

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