ARTISTS: Lets Think About Christmas and Creating Colouring Pages

If you also are getting into the Christmas mood, how about using that good feelings and making an A4 drawing to share as a colouring page.

Here are the themes.  You can create one or 12.  If you have a specific day you want to draw, please email so I can put your name down as one of the artists working on the theme.  The deadline to send me a piece to be included in the colouring book will be November 15th.

Who can participate?  ANYONE  (Please email and add your name to the doodle.)


  • 1 – Red Squirrel in an apple tree
  • 2 – subway mice
  • 3 – pretzels (Brez’n)
  • 4 – Weisswurst  (reserved for ML)
  • 5 – Golden Lions
  • 6 – Cameras snapping
  • 7 – City Bikes in motion
  • 8 – City Bridges for painting
  • 9 – Dirndls a dancing
  • 10 -Isar Rocks for skipping
  • 11 – Dachshund sniffing
  • 12 – Church Bells Ringing


A4 – Portrait


Line Drawing, Street Art, Illustration, Comic.  No abstracts please.


November 15th


Artwork must be a Line drawing so people can colour it.  the image can be computer drawn or hand drawn and scanned. Please send a 300 DPI file to me so that when I make the PDF and people print it, the lines are clear.

You Must give us permission to use the image in a Munich Artists Colouring Book for commercial purposes and allow us to post it online for download by the public for personal use only.

Look forward to seeing your art.



Photo: CC George Eastman House

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