Artsy Things to Do October 19th – October October 25th

Here are a few Artsy things to see this week in Munich, Germany:

Art group – Club 7

Online Only – Artist Nikita Knikta wants you to offer him themes for his drawing project. Go here to let him know what he should be drawing. (I submitted Conflicted.)

1509906_1125918514103283_296737999749621578_nOctober 22nd – October 25th.  Säulenhalle München, Arnulfstraße 62, Munich, Germany. Dress warmly, the building is not heated. The Munich Artists who have sent me invites to this event are:


October 23 – 25th Herbstrot – Wiede-fabrik – 3 Days – Wiede-Fabrik Rambaldistr. 27, 81929 Munich Since the summer was killer warm, the Wiedefabrik added an autumn event. Go check out works by the artists hanging out at the factory.  Elli Hurst sent the invitation. Thanks Elli!  The following artists will also be showing work:

  • Elli Hurst
  • Anja Bolata
  • Valeska von Brase
  • Oliver Diehr
  • Anica Glavas
  • Claudia Groegler
  • Simon James
  • Kerstin Meyer Oldenburg
  • Milan Mihajlovic
  • Patrick Oexler
  • HC Ohl

Sautrday October 24-25   The Frog King at the Carrousel du Louvre.  Will you be in paris this weekend?  Go visit Tiago Azevedo at the Louvre.  Very posh place for an exhibition Tiago!!!

Did I miss anyone? Did you send me an invitation on Facebook? If not, why not?

NOTE: Lots of this stuff is in very cold places which doesn’t mix well with my bronchitis.  I will try and get out and see you all. If I miss you because I’m traveling at rocket speed and you see me, grab me and slow me down for a chat.  I tend to have tunnel vision when going to these things.  If I don’t see you, please share your artwork with me so i can share it with others.


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