Artsy Things to Do in Munich – October 14 – 18, 2015

chris tomas -- wiese backyard scene close to the swiss border digital photopraphy -- 2014 -- 1/10 price on request, depending on size
chris tomas — wiese backyard scene close to the swiss border digital photopraphy — 2014 — 1/10 price on request, depending on size

Lets see, I’m sick so I’m sharing this information so you can go out and have fun and see some amazing pieces of artwork.  I will be at the long night of them museum early in the evening… I think by Saturday, I should not be hacking out a lung (fingers crossed.)

Today – Sunday

Fotodoks.  We talked about this on Day two of the workshop review.

Kunst Wischt den Staub des Alltags von der Seele
Kunst Wischt den Staub des Alltags von der Seele

Kunst Wischt den Staub des Alltags von der Seele

  • October 11 – November 13th
  • Lutherkirche Bergstr. 3 81539 Muenchen
  • Work by Kristina Jordan can be seen in this exhibition.  I don’t have a list of all the artists….


Das Kleine Format – Produzentenausstellung in Diessen

  • October 16 – November 1st
  • Blaues Haus in Diessen Pinz Ludwig Str. 23, 86911 Diessen
  • Opening on Friday October 16th @ 2000
  • Costs 2 Euro to enter.
  • Artists showing work include: Hans Dumler, Hajo Düchting, Angela Eberhard, Annunciata Foresti, Valerie Freyn, Christian Glöckler, Susanne Hauenstein, Rolf Hegetusch, Karl Heinz Kappl, Nico Kiese, Mary Kim, Yeun Hi Kim, Marlen Labus, Angelika Littwin-Pieper, Eva Lüps, Agnese Martori, Gabi Meyer-Brühl, Anh Duc Nguyen, Angela Preis, Cornelia Rapp, Lena Ritthaler, Katharina Schellenberger, Ursula Singer, Johannes Simon, Angela Smets, Harry Sternberg, Ingried Stuckenberger, Nicola von Thurn, Doris Trummer, Dieter Ziegenfeuter und Bernd Zimmer.
  • More information can be found on their website

Westend Open Studios

  • October 16 – 18th.
  • We mentioned this in a post about Christopher Croft.
  • The artists showing artwork in westend include:  Christopher Croft, Heike Schaefer, Markus Mitterer,Petra Magdalena Kammerer,Laetitia Vancon, Susanne Hanus, Nocle Schober, Christine Rath, Burchard Dabinnus, Positive Propaganda ev, Erica Ilacane, Noname, Eva Maria Ertl, Andrea Beikler, K&Vamko, Wolfgang Gebhard, Stefanie Duckstein, Anne Schmidt Design, Gabi Green, Ulrike Gasteiger, Arwed Knospe, gaensheimerdesign
  • westendstudios 2015 program PDF.

 KLUB7. Behind the Block  (This exhibition made a video. )


Die Lange Nacht Der Muenchner Museen – The long night of the Museum.

  • Please visit us at Goethestrasse 53 which is on the bus route Stop #17.  I will be there until 2130. Hope to see you as you wander around all of Munich’s art institutions.

Kunstproject Barlow 8 – (This seems to be going on for several weeks but starts on Saturday.)

  • Opening of StreetArt on October 17 @ 1400
  • Location: Barlowstrasse 8  Sbahn stop Englschalking
  • Street Art Workshops scheduled for October 17 & 18.  You can find more information about registering on their website.  Another set of workshops are scheduled for Ocober 24/25th.
  • Vernissage on October 26th @1600
  • Artists included in this exhibition are: Evi Schneider, Maria Vinuesa, Elke Reiss, Bea Stroppa, Rose-Marie Altrogge, Polly Werner, Miebet deBrauw-Klotsche, Michael Holzinger, Beate Stoelzel, Robert Wesch, Christian Keller,


Talk – Belgrade Raw and Der Grieff @ Fotodoks Festival Headquarters.

  • Lothringerstr. 13, 81667 München – In the bookstore.  
  • Starts at 1400.
  • Belgrade Raw and Der Greif will present the final results of their workshops.

Hopefully you will brave the rainy weather and head out to see art and enjoy something artsy this week/weekend. I will be at Goethestrasse 53 on Saturday and I will try and see Klub7 on Friday. On Sunday, I will be at the presentation of BelgradeRaw’s workshop book.  Say hi if you see me, I always like meeting new people and connecting with Munich Artists.


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