Day 8 – Mirror Mirror Show Me What You See – Munich Artists Photo Inspired Challenge

Here is the image for you to play with today.

Day 8 -sukanto-debnath-
Day 8 – Mirrors

I’ve found over the last few days, that I can play for about an hour on my iphone creating layered pieces using the photos from the challenge.  Before this weekend, I was capping myself at ten minutes but, on Saturday, I was waiting at the airport for a delayed flight and had time on my hands and now I can’t stop myself. I must try to see how many different version I can make before becoming saturated by two images which is about an hour.

Today, I took the photo of the mirrors and combined it with the previous photo of the disk and water. I put the photos into the following iphone apps: snapseed,Fused, Multi Expo and PicLabHD. Over and Over and Over again.  I will share my experiments with you on my personal blog later today since they are quite a few of them.

If you would like to participate in the challenge, head over to the challenge page and read the rules.  All the images we are using as inspiration are from the creative commons and you have full permission to do what you want with them (Even in Germany.)  If you would like to share your work, please join our Facebook Challenge group.  I will pick a photo to share from each day on instagram and will upload a gallery to the Challenge FB page and the Munich Artists website.

Here are some of the images from Day 7 of the challenge:

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