day 2-hands-with-green-pine-needles

Day 2 Munich Artists 30 Day challenge – Photo and Illustration Inspiration

day 2-hands-with-green-pine-needles

Day 2.  Can you see them? All nestled together in a pair of protective hands. The image above inspired me to illustrate this idea of trust and protection and I will be working on this after I finish working my day job.   I’ve set myself a time limit of one hour to finish an art piece each day that is offline. My digital art pieces have a time limit of ten minutes. I could spend hours tweaking colors and layers in photoshop but I wanted to challenge and encourage you to take a coffee break and create a piece of digital art.  By sharing artwork that I do in ten minutes using iphone apps, you can feel free to play with your photos while sipping your coffee and sharing your mini masterpieces with me on social media.

Please remember that when you create artwork using iphone apps some of the images are small in size and will not reproduce well when printed.  If you want to import the images into photoshop, you will be limited on how large you can make a printed piece.  If you are going to spend hours working on a digital piece, make sure the resolution and file sizes are appropriate for your intended output (digital web presentation, printing, publishing offline). Because I know the files are too small to use for large digital art pieces, I set myself a time limit of 10 minutes so that I’m happy with the art piece and don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time.

If you would like to participate in the current 30 day challenge, please read the rules of our Munich Artists challenge page and don’t worry that we already started.  We are flexible.  The point of the challenges is to set the goal to create artwork everyday. Someday you may actually reach this goal.  Luckily, I live in Munich, Germany where artists are inspired to create even during the holiday season and artists like, Michael Pitschke, have been creating artwork everyday for years.

Below are a few of the photos shared in our Facebook group.  I’ve created a group specifically for our challenges and you are welcome to join the group and share your artwork there.  I’ve created a Public Page where I will also share the artwork.   Please remember, any artwork you share with me, will be used for social media and may go into our challenge book series.

Have fun creating.  I look forward to seeing your artwork.

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