stik photgraphed by emmy horstkamp

Tuesday- Lets Think About Someplace Else (Like London b/c that is where I shot photos of Street art)

stik photgraphed by emmy horstkamp
stik photgraphed by emmy horstkamp


Street art by Jana and JS.   You can see more street art by this duo here on their website.

Gzegos street art face
Gzegos street art face


I didn’t instagram this street art just because I hate being told what to do.  Instead I used one of Wrdsmth’s other pieces. If you want to see more work by WRDSMTH you can see it here.

Rude Kids.  Love the stencils.  Here are more that you can buy if you want.  Dotmaster explains that the characters used for rude kids are family and friends under the age of 12 who are too sweet to vanalise your property.

I noticed around London street art on this do not enter sign.  I snapped these two photos of street art using the very graphic sign.  I don’t know the artist.  If anyone knows, please message me.

photography playground

Have a wonderful Tuesday.  If you are in Munich, please don’t forget the photo shooting opportunity we posted last week. Here is a link to the Facebook event. for event.  You have until September 20th to get yourself down to mixed media Arts at Katharina Von Bora Strasse 8 and shoot with an Olympus camera.  The space is open daily from 11-2000 and the opportunity is Free but I suggest you go during the week because the weekends will be a bit crazy.  I plan on going this week and I will post the results next week for you to see.   I even might use some of the shots for next weeks collage work (If they turn out. I’ve never used an Olympus camera.)

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