Day 15 – Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge – Looking for a dark gloomy hallway

Like this shot by Mark Sebastian.   Perfect. This is exactly what I was thinking about when I was thinking of a hallway.  I don’t really have a hallway in my house, not like this so taking a photo of a hallway means going to the basement and getting a creepy photo but without carpet.   Go have fun taking photos of a hallways today. I’m sure you can think of something creative to do in a hallway if you can find one.


For Munich Based people here is a personal/business Note:  My neighbour downtown wants to rent my studio space. I’m not in a hurry to move my studio but I would love a cool store front/laden space at a reasonable rent.  If you know of a space between Altstadt, Lehel, Glockenbachviertel & Sendling please let me know at  I want it without commission so I can spend my money on Munich Artists.

My neighbour has been saying hi to me everyday since he announced his desire for my studio as a gentle reminder that there must be a laden space with my name on it somewhere awesome in Munich, Germany. My current space is pretty awesome which is why the next space must be even better.  My studio is a 30 sqm. box downtown in an inner courtyard.

I do have an artist/photographer who will be willing to sign a long term lease with me (5 year) which doubles the budget (Not that that means much.)  We are both professional and want a beautiful space with easy access to a subway and the ability to plug in all our electronics.  Toilet necessary and since lots of my work is online, I need internet and the laden window to display products.  I am currently in a courtyard and find it wonderful but I would prefer a street laden.  No one every wanders into the courtyard. Ever. Lets make life easier for everyone by

letting the universe bring a laden with a super duper landlord/cool neighbours/awesome vibe/easy access to the subway/European feel/reasonable rent terms.

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