Edina Fischer - Tools of a Trade - Day 7

Friday. Get Ready to Artsy.

Edina Fischer - Tools of a Trade - Day 7
Edina Fischer – Tools of a Trade – Day 7

First, if you are participating in our self portrait challenge, we are on Day 7 and the theme is Tools.    Edina sent her photograph in early this morning. The tools of a jewellery artist/ Goldsmith.   If you don’t know about art jewellery, we shared an article about art jewellery a few weeks ago and you can read it here.

TODAY there are two artsy things to do downtown.


Urban Art and Popcorn is today!


Summerfest im Kunstverein is Today!  Galeriestraße 4, 80359 Munich, Germany (starts at 1700)


If you are putting workshops into your calendar, two Munich Artists have sent us information about workshops in the city.

abstract art workshop

Starting August 20th  – Painting and Drawing 4 day workshop – August 20 – 23, 2014 at Atelier project Kunstkuerse Muenchen.  Britta Eriskat helped organise this event inviting Heiner Blumenthal to come down from Cologne to teach this course.    (Thursday through Sunday)


October 10th and November 11, 2015.   A calligraphy workshop with Steffi K. (The artist who designed the Munich Artists logo).   Here are the details in German:

  • Ankündigung: 
  • WANN:
Samstag, den 10.10.2015 
Workshop #1: 9-13 Uhr, Workshop #2: 14-18 Uhr
  • Samstag, den 07.11.2015 
Workshop #1: 9-13 Uhr, Workshop #2: 14-18 Uhr
  • WO:
Coffee Fellows, Schützenstrasse 14 
(Workshop-Raum, obere Etage), 80335 München
  • Pro Workshop sind max. 10 Teilnehmer möglich.
www.steffikalil.com/workshop oder per E-Mail steffi@steffikalil.com

That is all for today. I need to now go figure out what my tools are and snap a photo for day 7’s challenge.  (I have too many trades/tools/ideas for just one photo. I might require a whole book for this theme.)

Have a great Friday and let me know what you think of the urban art festival.

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