Munich Artists Emmy Horstkamp Shadow

Day 2 self portrait challenge- high contrasting on a Sunday

This is the progression of shots as I waited for a plane to land at the airport.  As you can see, the sun came out strong.

More shots while I waited are on my personal website. Have fun taking photos and staying cool on a sweltering day. If you forgot where the information is for the 30 day challenge, you can find our daily themes on the challenge page.   With today’s sun, it should be pretty easy to get a self portrait photo that fits with the theme and your personal style.  I’m a street photographer so no studio bare bulbs for me. I’m all for the outdoors but if you need to be surrounded by the familiar, you can forgo the sun and use your lamps. I promise not to judge.  If you missed out on day 1, here it is.

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