Angela Smets Studio

Events to keep you artsy and entertained:


11312730_954863654578064_1149106332804959265_o(1)If  you are near Nuremberg, you can go to the art academy Nuremberg yearly exhibition which starts today. It’s about 2 hours away from Munich but the train ride takes less time. Maybe make it part of a weekend adventure?


11416378_406132992912455_1750957653929036725_oOn Thursday,  I encourage you to visit the Friday gallery and see the artwork of Gunther Meliton.  Gunther is a digital artist who uses a special algorythm to create his work.  You are welcome to ask him all kinds of questions on Thursday evening from 1900 to 2200. I will be there.  I will be talking to you.  I will be praying for cooler weather.



Elwood is showing his DaDa artwork at Arthaus Neuhausen starting at 1900.  Nothing better than starting the weekend with some Dadaisms.  Gabriele Rothweiler is the artist/curator of the show.  If you have never been to Arthaus Neuhausen, it is located not too far from the subway station at Nibelungenstr. 3 80639 Muenchen.   Gabriele is married to Wolfgang and I’m sure he will be there, he is a great conversationalist.    Warning…be ready to get your photo taken.  Gabriele is a photographer and always has her camera around her neck. You will not be able to escape her lens which is a good thing.

Kunst in Karee (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

kunst im karree

Ingrid Klaus invited me to her event  at  Projekttraum Kunst Trallala called “Zwei Generationin begegnen sich.”  Ingrid is a guest artist at Barbara von Johnson’s space. You can see the two on Saturday or Sunday.   Here is the information in German:

Barbara von Johnson vertritt mit ihren innovativen malerischen und grafischen Werken die alte Generation und Ingrid Klaus Uschold , eine Künstlerin der jungen Generation, erstaunt den Betrachter mit ihren frischen, modernen, digitalen Arbeiten. Sie ist als Gastkünstlerin in den Räumen von Barbara von Johnson präsent.

Die beiden Künstlerinnen präsentieren sich!
Samstag 11. Juli, 12 bis 2o Uhr, offenes Atelier im „Projektraum Kunst Trallala“ Ab 20 Uhr Lesung: Geschichten und Gedichte von und mit Barbara von Johnson

Sonntag 12. Juli, 12 bis 2o Uhr, offenes Atelier „Projektraum Kunst Trallala“ Karl-Theodor-Str. 30, 80803 München


Kunst in Karreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  Luckily it will not be Sahara desert hot so we can walk around without melting.  Don’t forget to go buy a ceramic cup or garlic dish from Cecily Garver.  Her studio will be open and she welcomes everyone with a big American smile just walk down the tiny hill to the courtyard. Tengstr. 25, Hinterhof, 80798 München

Elke Reis I Liz Walinski I Verena Friedrich  “zwischen Himmel und Erde” – Malerei und Objekte
Ausstellung geöffnet von 3.7. – 12.7. , Sa, So. 12-20h Vernissage  @künstlerprojektLOT62, Schleißheimer Str.62, München . (Elke had surgery last week but she said she will be there this weekend.)

image001Reismuehle Studios (Fri, Sat & Sun)

If you don’t mind leaving the city, you can visit the open studios in Gauting.  It starts on Friday with a concert and goes through the weekend. Here are the hours:

Friday 10. Juli von 17.00h bis 19.00h

Saturday 11. Juli von 11.00h bis 18.00h

Sunday  12. Juli von 1.00h bis 18.00h

Claudia Artope,  Bianca Artope, Paul Martin Cambeis have their studios at this location so I would be happy if you ventured out there to see their current artwork.  (I love the work by Bianca.  Please go see it. here is an example.)

The address is: Alois Johannes Lippl Str. 14, Gräfelfing. The Flyer ATT 2015 lists  of all the artists.  Last year it was a muddy mess but I think this year, it will be a great escape from the city heat (there is a tiny stream running near by- is an old Rice Mill which is part of the charm.

Wed – July 15th –   Whiskey Moon Face ( A band)

I don’t talk about music much on this site. I leave that up to someone with more knowledge and time to visit concerts but when a Munich Artist asks me to talk about a band because they love them, I have no problems letting them be the experts.  Anna fell in love with this band when she lived in England and has invited them to play for us here in Munich. Here is her event page. The concert starts at 2000 and is at the Kulurzentrum GOROD- Hansastr 181 80336 (Near U6 Harras)  The tickets are 8 Euro.  Here is an example of the music they will be playing:

Munich Artists Maximilian Lueckenhaus

FRIDAY July 17th – Chilli Gallery Neuhausen – Munich Artists 30 Day Drawing Challenge Exhibition

Sonia Boening, the artist and gallery owner is hosting some of the drawings from the drawing challenge.  Come celebrate with us the end of the challenge and maybe talk about the new one that will be starting.  The artists exhibiting artwork are:

Gabriela Popp

Michael Pitschke

Angela Josupeit

Bobbie Dunn Komarek

Katrin Klug

Andreas Hirsch

Brigitte Hoppstock

Maximilian Lueckenhaus

Bernahard Rusch

Rainer Schmitten

You can see some of the drawings on the challenge page.

The party will be until 2100 and the gallery is located at  Nymphenburger Str. 151 near Rotkreuzplatz


Written by Emmy Horstkamp

Hi, my name is Emmy and I live in Munich, Germany. If you want to know about art me visit my art page or visit me in Munich, Germany

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