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Baumstrasse Art Studios – Did you go take a Peek? Applications Open Soon for New Artists

Artist Elke Haertel sitting on the ledge near her sculpture.
Artist Elke Haertel sitting on the ledge near her sculpture.

Today I visited the art studios at Baumstrasse to see Ray Moore but he wasn’t around so i wandered around the other studios and enjoyed talking to new artists. (The photographs are in the gallery to the side.) While I was there, I found out that they have to move next year to make room for a new set of artists.  Here are the list of artists who currently have their studios at Baumstrasse:

Helin Alas

Claudia Barcheri

Matias Becker

Kristin Brunner

Friedrich Buhl mit Henriette Hufgard

Jutta Burkhardt mit Fumie Ogura

Christian Engelmann

Beate Engl

Florian Froese-Peeck

Matthias Fuchs

Ulrich Gebert

Judith Goldschmid

günther & schabert architekten

Elke Härtel

Heike Jobst

Stephanie Maier

Ray Moore

Jakub Moravek

Nele Müller

Daisuke Ogura mit Nico Kiese

Kathrin Partelli

Gregor Passens

Sebastian Pöllmann

Felix Rehfeld

Martin Schmidt

Florian Seidel

Martin Spengler

Essi Utriainen

Sinan von Stietencron mit Mehtap Yücel

Katharina Weishäupl mit Esther Zellmer

Robert Weissenbacher

Patricia Wich

Oliver Winheim

Silke Witzsch mit Verena Laschinger

Youjin Yi

Kirsten Zeitz mit Stanislav Vajce

The artists would like to find a space so they can stay together so they are searching for 1000 sqm space at an artists rate.  If you know anyone in Munich who has that kind of space, please let them know.  Here is their ad looking for space. 

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