Emmy Horstkamp Jaw Breaker

Day 10 – Candy – 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Emmy Horstkamp Jaw Breaker

For day 10, we asked creatives to draw their favourite candy.  I don’t have a favourite grownup candy so I dug into my past and found my favourite childhood candy.  Jawbreakers.  Did they have Jawbreakers in Germany?  If you don’t know them, Jawbreakers are a candy that barely fits into your mouth and they are so hard that you can’t crack them with your teeth.  We used to buy them out of a candy machine and sucked on the them until the layers started appearing. You needed patience with this candy or a hammer to crack them open.  I think that is my favourite thing about Jawbreakers.  The outside is boring and tasteless but the inside is visually amazing.

This is also how I feel about Munich. Unlike NYC, London or Berlin, the art scene in Munich is not in your face.  Art and artists are flowing like an underground river through the city and once you find the path down to its banks, you can dip in your toes or jump into the stream and join the fun.  Munich Artists love art but they also love the mountains, travel, family, business, friends, dancing , writing and even cleaning.  All those things to experience in only 24 hours ,365 days and who knows how many years means that being a “scene” is the last things artists are thinking about in Munich.

Don’t come to Munich for a weekend and expect to jump into an art scene. Mingas don’t jump into anything even if it might be amazing and so worth their time. Mingas wade into projects just like they wade into a mountain lake so that their hearts don’t explode from the shock.  Munich artists also know that creating art does not require a three ring circus but a studio, passion, time and effort.  Munich Artists want to be remembered for their art not great parties or antics.

I’m not a born Minga. I was taught to be a jumper and a smasher and a shaker so I smack away at assumptions, stereotypes, ethnocentric ideologies and the artists in Munich watch as I create opportunities with my behaviour. I create and Mingas hold my hand as we wait for things to grow.

I know that I will not have a slew of jumpers behind me. This is a Bavarian maybe even a German mentality – prepare for the worst. This means Minga artists are doing extensive planning and toe dipping as they wait for me to surface and shout that the water is fine and everything will be OK.

PS If you are a jumper, please let me know. I could use a jumping buddy.