Street Easy Creates Mural in NYC. Immobilienscout24, where is your Mural?

Street Art in NYC

Here are the details. Why am I posting a mural from NYC? Because the StreetEasy mural combines my love of real estate and art. If you don’t know StreetEasy, it is a NYC website that gives real estate listings and information about the buildings, apartment layouts, other properties available in that building, sales history of the building, and other information needed by people who are looking at real estate.  If you happen to be in London, you can try Zoopla, which has an iphone app that allows you to see what property is for sale from the point you are standing (I loved this feature.)

How is this related to Munich Artists? Street Easy commissioned the mural from Colossal in NYC and I thought it would be great if Zoopla and Immobilienscout24 also created murals about the cities in which they are located. (Immobilienscout24 is all of Germany but they could create a Mural in Munich and Berlin.)  The companies could commission billboard/artwork and create an event out of it instead of just letting the artists work in solitude. I was surprised that nothing was done in conjunction with the creation of the NYC StreetEasy mural.

Hiring local Munich artists to create commissioned work is a way to bring the internet offline and offer a bit of offline interaction between the people in Munich and your internet site.  You could even add where to find street art on your real estate website.  For example, you can let people know what art is in their area or how close the nearest Banksy or Julian are to their new apartment.

I would like to encourage more websites and Munich based companies to think along the lines of this type of advertising, marketing and community building.  One company that has embraced the artwork of a regional artist was Ludwig Beck.

During recent construction, Ludwig Beck commissioned Julian Bird to create images on the construction fences surrounding the Marienplatz subway entrance near their store. Their front windows were blocked by a wall of wood fences obscuring the entrance of the store from Marienplatz.

Julian’s artwork for Ludwig Beck

The fences are now down but Julian has a nice video about the project that you can watch here.

The area around Munich has several artists working in large format and we have lots of construction sites which are a bit of an eye sore.   If you have planned construction which will hinder traffic to your space or block the view to your retail/working space, think about using a local artist such as Julian or Mr. Woodland to snazz things up a bit.

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