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Day 27 Munich Artists Lent Challenge – Where Did My Rules Go?

Artist Demotivational:  Germans live a life filled with rules.  Make up some rules for Germans to follow. Here is a template of rules you can use for your collectors.

First Visit:

  1. Knock on (artist’s name) studio door.
  2. Say hello to (artist’s name).
  3. Shake hands with (Artist’s name).
  4. Ask (Artis’s name) where they studied.
  5. Ask (Artist’s name) their inspiration.
  6. Ask (Artist’s name) the price of the smallest piece and the biggest piece.
  7. Ask (Artist’s name) if they will give you a discount.
  8. Tell (Artist’s name) you will buy a piece to go over your living sofa (or the sofa in your office).
  9. Give (Artist’s name) cash.

After purchasing the first art piece:

  1. Tell all your friends about (Artists’ name) and how much you love the art piece above your sofa at your house or office.  Keep the artist’s card on the back of the art piece just in case you forget their name.
  2. Buy an art piece at each Exhibition for everyone in your family and all your friends or business partners or for local museums.
  3. Sponsor (Artist’s name) so they can travel to exotic places and send you postcards.
  4. Be friends with the artist on Facebook and like everything they post.
  5. Don’t be offended by an artist staying silent.  You must write to them and stay in touch forever.  Don’t let them disappear from your radar even when they forget that you exist. They are not business people and many are introverts with no idea that you are important to their existence.

Entrepreneurial Motivation.  Rules causes stress.  Stress causes health issues.  Health issues causes increased insurance costs.   So, how can you make a freemium model for the insurance industry so that people with lower health costs get some kind of virtual goods.  Maybe avatars or Gifs which get unlocked and that they can share over social media.  Or, germans like to collect points and stickers, let them collect and get a cooking pan or some kind of health related gift from a catalogue at the end of the year.

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