Day 23: Munich Artists Lent Challenge – What Is the Thread Running Through Your Work?

Artist Demotivational: When the idea you dreamt about becomes a reality you will fall into a depression because your reality can never be as perfect as the dream and that sucks big time.

Entrepreneurial Motivation:  Keep going until your reality meets the dream.


Day 23 is a day filled with charm or so says my number app on my iphone.  According to the app, the number 23 means that the answer to my prayers is within reach and I just need to keep a positive attitude so that I get the best outcome possible.  That is exactly how I feel about creating artwork.  The idea is there and if I keep plugging away at it, eventually my dream and my reality with meld into one.

Today, look through your artwork and decide what is the thread that runs through your work. The thread doesn’t have to be in every piece but there should be something in the body of your work that identifies you as the artist.  Just like your signature, your artwork should carry a distinctive style that is all your own.   The thread can be a theme, a colour, a shape, a specific way you apply your materials or it may be an actual thread.  Figure out what it is and let us know. You can tag us on Facebook or Instagram with #munichartists or like our page and then add our name to the post so that I get notified and can respond.



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