"Olympic park 12" by Dave Morris from Edinburgh, UK - Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Olympic_park_12.jpg#/media/File:Olympic_park_12.jpg

Munich Art Galleries and Museums. Ask Google For an Invitation to Their Art Project So You Can Share Your Art Online. Please. Munich Artists Thanks you.

  • Before we talk about google, please take a moment to look at the works of Architect Frei Otto who passed away on Monday. Mr. Otto designed the Munich Stadium for the 1972 Olympic games and you can see more of his designs on my pinterest board.  If you would like to read more about Mr. Otto, please go here to his Wiki Page and/or listen to this conversation about Otto on NPR.
  • Mr. Otto was a visionary but not an abstract expressionist.  What is an abstract expressionist?  How about using this definition by William C. Seitz:

Abstract expressionist value expression over perfection, vitality over finish, fluctuation over repose, the unknown over the known, the veiled over the clear, the individual over society and the inner over the outer.

—William C. Seitz, American artist and Art historian
  • Now here is the news about google and art. Google started sharing artwork on Chrome through a specific app.  You can download the app for Google Art Project and start collecting artwork from different museums online.  If you are a gallery or art institution, you can request to open your own online google gallery to share images.  We submitted our request for Munich Artists to be able to share the works of Munich Artists through the app. Keep your fingers crossed. we love being able to share artwork by Munich Artists and hopefully this app will make it easier for us.  Below is a little video describing what the app does.  I started making my own collection from Munich Art on the app but could only fine one museum. If you know of another museum in Munich/Bavaria that is sharing their work on Google, please let us know.
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