When I lived in Berlin – Mitte,  I would walk along the streets sprinkled with bronze memorial stones.  The stones are memorials to German citizens who were victims of National Socialism and lost their lives During the Holocust.

The memorial stones made sense to me when I lived in Berlin and I feel it would be important to Munich to embrace this art projects and join in with the other European cities who have embedded the markers. This type of memorial would integrate into the lives of Mingas in a seamless way and would show unity with other German cities who have embraced this art project.

Munich already set precedent for this kind of memorial with the bronze cobblestone memorial called “Detour” near Odeansplatz created by Bruno Wank memorializing civil resistance against the Nazis.

Gunter Demnig  creates the 10-centimeter squares, called Stolpersteine or “stumbling stones,” which  provide the name of the Holocaust victim, their date of birth, and the name of the camp where they were murdered.  It is a project that continues to grow and is found in more than 18 countries.

The citizens of Munich who were killed during the holocaust, deserve to be added to this worthwhile art project.

The cost per stone is 120 Euro and there is a whole process is set up to make it easier for cities to implement the project.

If you would like to read more about the Stolpersteine art project go here.



Written by Emmy Horstkamp

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