Day 22 Munich Artists Lent Challenge – What is Your Colour Palette?

Artist Demotivational: Go ahead and create something with a political agenda or social commentary, people will look at it, discuss it and buy it because it is pink and green and goes with their couch.

Entrepreneurial Motivation:Reverse engineering is your friend.  Don’t reinvent the wheel unless it is a wheel that doesn’t go flat (Thank you Pirelli tires.)

We all have our favourite colours but sometimes we are not aware what they are.   Today take photographs of your house, your artwork, your clothing and put the photographs into this adobe color program.   Be prepared to play around for at least an hour.  At the end of the hour, you should have a selection of color palettes like the one below which show you colours from the photographs.  The program allows you to pick what kind of color mood you want and also lets you save the palettes to you adobe account.  You can also alter the chosen colours and make your own custom palette like this one:

When you are done, feel free to share some of your colour palettes in our Munich Artists Closed group or tag us on Facebook #MunichArtists  or Munich Artists so that we can see what you are creating.


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