Day 21 Munich Artists Lent challenge – Do a Sensory Check

Artist Demotivational:  You can be ahead of your time but society may not be ready for you and you will be stuck waiting for them to catch up.

Entrepreneurial Motivation: Germans love being on time (or ten minutes early). This is a problem when the meters don’t start working until 900 and your appointment is at 900.  Creatives, I want you to make it so that you can prepay your meter and not have to wait until the meter is ready to start charging. Maybe a daily parking pass for the neighbourhood. Something like we can get on the subway system. I would pay the extra cash so I can be on time. Make it less than a parking fine but more than the hourly rate.  I know now to make my appointments at 910 so that I can feed the meter but I’m not always in control of the meeting or where I have to park a car so something that fixes this would be great.

Sometimes life makes us wait.  In that moment that you are stuck waiting, take charge of what you do with your time and do a sensory check by asking the following questions:

  • What am I feeling against my skin.  The morning mist. The sun. The feel of my jacket seam rubbing against my wrist.  Sticky pancake syrup from my child’s warm hand.
  • What am I smelling in the air?  Cigarette Smoke. Car Fumes. Dog Shit. Spring Flowers.  A mixture of all four?
  • What am I hearing around me? Traffic.  A screaming child. The Isar flowing under the bridge.  A German conversation.  Tourists.
  • What am I tasting in my mouth?  Bad breath. My coffee from breakfast. A mint from the bottom of my bag.
  • What am I seeing?  The blue trams waiting for a car to move over.   A group of bikes racing down the bike path along the Isar.  A child trailing behind his father both wearing knitted hats.

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