Day 20 Munich Artists Lent Challenge – Black and White

Artists Demotivation:  Your photography is monochrome because you couldn’t get the colour right, right?

Entrepreneurial Motivation: Focus today on one thing you really want.


This morning, I went for a walk downtown and snapped photographs of the construction sites near my office.

When I downloaded the shots, I decided to desaturate one of the images and liked the results. Taking the colour out of a photograph can help you check the strength of your composition especially if you are creating artwork in a different medium (collages, oils, acrylic, sculpture)

Many artists fall back on colour when they are lacking in the proper skills to create a strong composition.  If you want to check your composition’s strength, snap a photo and strip off the colour and see what it looks like in black and white.

If you would like some pointers on shooting compositions that look good in black and white, check out this website.  If you want some tips about creating stronger compositions go here or here and here.

photographer Mitch Dobrowner


photo of couple by Steve Toase

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