Day 8 Munich Artists Lent Challenge – Taste From Home

Artist Demotivator:  Germany is not the Land of Oz, it is the land of Goethe. Germans love to see foreign art and discuss and analyse foreign cultures but they want to be surrounded by artwork that resonates with their personal tastes.  In Munich, your work will be evaluated by Germans who are conservative with their money and their tastes. Buck up and show them you have artistic value otherwise you will have a full studio and an empty bank account.

Entrepreneurial Motivation: Germans love to tell you how to do things right.  Listen to them except when it comes to cooking ethnic food or being creative and spontaneous.


Munich Artists carry a bit of their homeland within them (German or Austlaender) and sometimes this homeland overshadows the artwork. Without being told, a Munich art collector/viewer will look at an art piece and say…”oh,he is French or ah,she is American.”

The artist’s ethnic background has oozed out of their artwork and waved a national/regional flag.  If you are one of these artists who is very “French,American, African, Asian,” embrace your cultural identity and share with me a “Taste from Home” on Facebook.





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