Artist Demotivation:  When the German door of opportunity opens, you better shove your foot in or find yourself locked out and wishing for a universal key.

Entrepreneur Motivation: When a German door opens, feel welcomed.  Germans don’t open their doors to strangers, door to door salesmen or even some of their friends.

Create a Universal Key 

I’ve locked myself out of my German house twice.  The German door system automatically locks you out your house if you don’t have your key  You can’t turn or push the handle down to open the door, you must have the key in the lock for the door to open.   My daily routine is to ask myself if I have a key so that I can get back into my house, gallery space or art studio.

“Do you have your key?”

Artists never ask themselves if they have the key to open the door of opportunity. In Germany, artists need the right key (CV) to open a traditional career in the arts. Artists who do not have the right key (CV)  must find another way of opening the door to opportunity.  What is that other way? That depends on the artist and that isn’t the focus on my challenge.  The focus of the challenge is to give artists a visual motivator in the form of a universal key.

For day 5, please make a universal key that will unlock all the doors to all the opportunities in the German universe.  This key should be available to you at all times so that when a door (opportunity) is in front of you, you can pat your pocket/purse/iphone and say, “yes I have the key.”

PS  In Germany, if the door is shut, so is the window. The phrase, “When God shuts a door he opens a window,” does not apply in Germany. Windows are only opened for specific reasons and only if there is no chance of a draft which may make them sick.


Written by Emmy Horstkamp

Hi, my name is Emmy and I live in Munich, Germany. If you want to know about art me visit my art page or visit me in Munich, Germany