Day 2 Lent Munich Artists Challenge – Make Some Confetti

  • Demotivational: One moment your up in the air and in the next, your in the gutter and not even a German street cleaner can get you out.
  • Entrepreneur motivation:  Throw yourself out there and find a crack to fill.

Confetti. It is so messy and even after two days of German cleaners cleaning, confetti still lingers in the cracks.  Artists are also like confetti. They fill the spaces no one wants.  They pack themselves into empty buildings and take over areas of town that are not popular or trendy.  Entrepreneurs are also like that.  They Find their ways into the crevices and crack open the business world to new ideas and business models.

Today, lets be messy and make some confetti kits. We spend so much time trying to be civilised and diplomatic and I think it is time that we step over to the other side and do something nonconformist and messy.  Lets make small emergency confetti kits for work. If a meeting gets heated, you could grab your emergency confetti packet and throw it up in the air.  If you meet someone who is a conversational killer, you can throw a confetti kit in the air and leave.  The tiny pieces of confetti could have peace signs or maybe a middle finger or a special word to tell people exactly what you think.  Wouldn’t you like a way to throw your opinion out there in everybody’s face without having to say a word?

Today, make an emergency confetti kit and put it in your pocket. You never know when you will need to use it.

If you want to see day one, you can look at yesterday’s post or check out the challenge page.

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