Artsy Events for Feb 19th – March 2015


  • A play in French… Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. I’m organising a group on Meetup to go to the event.  Here is a link to the event page.
  • Interested in some visual art?  Wander over to Robert Weber Gallery for an exhibition tonight. Galerie Robert Weber Gabelsbergerstrasse 70, 80333  For the exhibition, you will need a QR Code scanner installed on your smart phone – it is one of those kind of exhibitions. I’ve tried making people use those things for an exhibition.. hopefully he has better phone reception at his gallery so things work a bit faster than at my QR Code installation at the Provisorium or the app fail at the Long Night of the Museum.


  • Meditative Workshop – Marbling – Here is a link to the event page if you are interested in marbling paper. Costs around 30 Euro.
  • Sophia Mainka has an exhibition. Milchstraße 4, 81667 München.
  • Manuela Illera, a Colombian artist and new to Munich, will be having an exhibition for one week at the gallery am Isartor.  Remember, the gallery is in the entranceway.  You don’t have to go into the dark club/party room because the art isn’t there but if you go to exhibitions to party, wander in and get a few free drinks.  I walked over on Monday to see the current exhibition and liked not having to go inside.  All the information about the artists is posted in the windows including some of the prices. You can visit the windows whenever you want, they are within spitting distance of the Sbahn exit and you can then wander back away impressed with your dedication to the arts.

Munich Creative Business Week

Here is a link to the Munich Creative Business Week  The Friday Gallery is a Creative Spot during the week and we will be showing an art installation by Birgit Abt.

I will be giving a talk about Regional Branding and Social Media.  If you are trying to figure this out for your specific niche, please feel free to come pick my brain but you must RSVP for this event and pay a small fee. I will be filling your head with all kinds of information which might make you dizzy or sleepy or nauseated at how much you don’t know so I need to make sure I have the right number of chairs for this event.

WED Feb 25th  

Regional Brand Development in a Social Media Society is   the exact title of my talk.  Here is a link to the event page. The talk will be at the Friday Gallery frauenstrasse 18.  I changed the date from March 26th to the 25th because I’m going to be giving a speech at an exhibition and can’t physically be in two places at once.  You can email me at emmy@ if you have any questions.


The Behance Portfolio Show.  I will be giving a speech for about 15 minutes.   Here are theartists showing work during the exhibition.The artwork on the announcement is by Moran Haynal who combines his Jewish faith with Hebrew calligraphy to make his artwork.

Kerstin Klein

Moran Haynal

Sara Otterstaetter

Ralph Kretschmann

Mr. Woodland

The topic of my speech for the 26th?  Artists in Munich, their creative inspiration, art production and the challenges of being a foreign/German artist in Munich, Germany from a foreign/German point of view or now, I’m thinking about talking about outsider art.   I will let you know next week.

 FRIDAY Feb 27

Saturday Feb 28th @1400  

Creative Meditation  at  Atelier&Galerie PunktPunktKommaKunst Donnersbergerstraße 48, 80634 Munich, Germany

Mark Your Calendar for March 2015

Schmuck 2015 – March 11 – 17th  Jewellery artists are coming to town! We will have guest artists at the Friday Gallery and also at Kunst-Werkstatt-MUC.  Please feel free to stop by and see some innovative jewellery art.


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