Munich Artists Lent Challenge – Be Creative for Lent

Having problems being creative on a daily basis? Join us for the lent challenge and focus on your relationship to art and creativity.  If you have no relationship to art, you can take this lent challenge as an opportunity to change direction and follow a more creative path.

Just like with our other art challenges, there are no rules for the lent challenge.  You can spend lent creating art pieces, sharing images of other people’s art or just contemplating my motivational/de-motivational comments before going on with the rest of your day.

Today is Day 1 and here is the link to the Munich Artists Lent Challenge.  If you don’t want to click the link that is ok. The topic for day 1 is stickers.  Photograph them, create one, buy one, paste one on a sign post, give one to a friend.  Just incorporate a sticker into your day in some way.

Maybe, even find a sticker album and start collecting stickers. Stickers are an easy and low cost way to add some art to your life. Sticker books are a useful place to keep them. (Maybe one without a unicorn…)

This is one of the places that Germans would allow you to put a sticker without the danger of your sticker being scraped off and thrown away.

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