Thoughts from the Weekend – Where Is my Hatrack and Do You Cry When You Spill Magnetic Paint?

Sometimes I wonder what is the point?  This feeling is lingering from the weekend because I dumped a whole tub of magnetic paint in the hallway this morning after almost dumping juice all over my phone.  Why are my hands having issues today? Is it the cold? Unlike my ink spill a few weeks ago, I did not have canvas on hand in the hallway to sop up the spill. (There are no photos of this spillage. I have no interest in remembering this in the near or distant future.)

I didn’t cry over spilled magnetic paint or about the following weekend events:

  • You are not mobile friendly.  On Sunday, Google sent me an email saying is not mobile friendly. I would like this site functioning properly for Sunday when we present artwork at the MUC food lovers market. I would like for visitors to be able to look up the artists who are doing participatory projects with visitors. Please let the site be working by Sunday.  Please internet angels.  Please.
  • The desire for a laden space versus the cost of renting a laden space.  There is a new space available downtown for 800 Euro warm.  It is in a good space not too far from the Friday Gallery but the space is small and needs a bit of renovation. Only one or two artists could work in the space at the same time (At KunstWerkstatt MUC we have five artists working at together at the same time in a laden space.)  In this new space, the artists could take turns using the space but the more artists you have, the more issues you will face so the number needs to be limited.  One artist suggested getting 25 artists to use the space but knowing how long our meetings at Kunst-Werkstatt MUC take, I’m not inclined to have 25 artists with an equal vote trying to make decisions on which way the laden space should be used. I will keep you updated on how this evolves or dissolves.
  • Take That!  Big Old Table. I took apart my large table at the Friday Gallery.  I now have a huge slab of wood against the back wall just in case I need a huge slab of wood. It is too heavy to move more than a few feet so will remain towering over people as they try to go to the restroom.
  •  I decided that the exhibition circuit is not my thing. I will leave the exhibition circuit to Bavaria Art. She does a great job hitting the parties. She comes to the city twice a week which is pretty impressive. I will still keep you updated about exhibitions but will focus on visiting art studios and other cultural events involving Munich Artists and artwork by artists in Munich and share Bavaria Art’s photos.
  • You got me at I’m accepted. I got an email from an artist whose pockets were drained by the registration fees associated with fairs and exhibitions.  This always makes me sad and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the exposure from the fairs brings in more clients/collectors. I wish there was a guaranteed ROI for artists. Any sensible business would require some ROI but artists seems to get sucked into the sucker category when it comes to selling their work.  Munich Artists has been actively looking for free or low fee options for artists (Our summer program in Sendling is free for the artists involved) We will continue to develop free or low cost options for artists in Munich and encourage local spaces to open their doors to Munich Artists. We love having space and will use it to show Munich original art as much as we can.
  • Woman in need of a hat rack.  My business partner tells me it is great to bootstrap but I’ve added a sixth hat to my job description and I’m feeling Like Jenny Schminke’s Fox.  See.. here I am a fox balancing many hats and looking for a hat rack.

    (A newsletter will be coming tomorrow. There is so much happening this week and I have to write the contents in a blog post)   




Photo waiting for the U2


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