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Photos for Next Week’s Installation Project – The Line – January 13 – 19th

Hi Artists, I just got a nice email from an artist who will be participating next week.

After writing him an email, I thought I would share this post with some more information about the installation.

First, the wall collage is open to all artists. If all 400 of you want to come and add a piece of artwork that would be great. I want you to take some old work that you are not happy with or old sketches you don’t need and make something wonderful with them by integrating them into a wall collage.

I will start the collage with some words at the top that say LOOK AT ME.  Those words will be made out of Canvas.  Your artwork will drape down from these words.  If you cover the words LOOK AT ME so be it.  I want the piece to feel like a graffiti wall.  I want layer upon layer of paper and paint and drawings.  Because it is inside, we cannot use Spray Paints.   If you want to work on the collage, please sign up on the signup sheet. Someone from Munich Artists must be on the premises and I need to know what times we need volunteers to be there with the artists.

Opposite the Wall collage is a black line that starts at one theatre room and leads to the other.

On Tuesday I will be putting the black line on the walls of the theatre.  Each artist will add artwork to the line based on their impressions of the space, the brief and the other artists’ work.   The purpose of the installation is to visually move/drag the audience from one art performance to the other.   Artwork must relate to the line. You can use the line as part of a landscape, a line in your artwork.. whatever you decide to do, you can’t cover up the line because people must follow it.

I love when people touch artwork so the line that I put on the wall will ask them to touch it.  Because I’ve allowed them to touch the line, they most probably will touch the artwork. This happened with our Long Night of the Museum installation.  Please keep that in mind with what you decide to create artwork for the line.

The black line installation must flow. The feeling should be organic with a sense of movement.  You will not be told where to create artwork on the line.  This also will be similar to the graffiti wall.  You will be asked to respect the artwork of the other artists creating on the walls and make sure your work flows well along the line.  (Also no ads on this wall except if it is a fake ad/poster.. this is an art piece not a marketing platform please respect that.)

All the artwork is temporary in the space so will be taken down on Sunday. You must take down your own artwork if you want to keep it.

Any artwork that you create on the black line belongs to the artist.  Any artwork added to the collage belongs to the group and will be cut up and distributed to the artists who participated.

All artists working on the black line will be identified in the theatre with their name and a short bio they email to us.

All Artists for both the line and the collage will be acknowledged on Facebook and the Munich Artists website.

Here are the links to the LONG brief and to the signup sheets.

Please share this information with artists you feel might be interested in creating artwork in a collaborative installation.



PS.  The photos are dark but in the space, you can easily see what is on the walls. I just didn’t want to bother the guests who were there by snapping photos of them all evening long.

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