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Dr. Nicholas Cullinan

Dr. Nicholas Cullinan jumps over the pond to become the new director of London’s National Portrait Gallery.  If you are an artist and you don’t know who this is, don’t worry about it.  This is a curation geeky news item that I found interesting and wanted to share.

Helmut Lang artwork

For the artists who are self taught, here is an interesting article in the WSJ about Helmut Lang, Mr. Lang is an Austrian self-taught artist who shares information about his current work created in a barn on Long Island.   What I love most about this article is that he shredded up his past work to create the new.   This seems to be a very strong urge for artists and each time I find one that does this, I must share them with you.  Your past art is your past.  Feel free to destroy it so that you can create something even more wonderful.

Picasso’s granddaughter is getting ready to let go of her past by selling 290 million dollars of her grandfather’s artwork.  Ms. Marina Picasso will not be using an auction house so if you are interested in any of the works, you must contact Ms. Picasso’s representatives and schedule a personal meeting with her in Geneva.

gun totting lego man

In the US, a museum apologised when a firefighter spotted a lego man pointing a lego gun at a lego police station.  According to this article, the offending lego piece was not a part of the original exhibit and may have come from the play area where visitors are encouraged to play with legos (and cause mayhem for museum curators and PR departments.)

After reading the short post, I thought the following:

  • Should they not also remove the lego gas truck?  The lego gas truck could be considered a potential bomb located right in front of the lego police station.  If you remove the lego gunman, you should also remove the lego gas truck and the lego trashcan.  Both are very dangerous to lego police station safety.  A lego barricade would also be a good addition to the display for added safety of the lego policemen.
  • Good Job Museum!  Not only did you make sure your website offered a contact email address that could be easily found but you responded promptly to your museum patron and resolved his issue.
  • Good job firefighter!  You took your daughter to a museum.  You looked closely at the displays.  You interacted with the museum staff using technology.
  • This would not happen in Germany. A German firefighter would have seen the character and then started discussing it with his daughter.  Was the lego character a commentary of American culture referencing American wild west history and liberal gun laws?
  • If I was at the museum, I would have asked my daughter if the little gunman was an undercover policeman running back to the police station for backup after having jumped out of the gasoline truck on his way back from saving a huge airliner that was targeted by lego terrorists at the lego airport. (Bonus points if you get the pop culture reference.)



photo of pablo picasso

photo of newspapers

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