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  • You have to watch out for research studies.  A new study found that a brief lunchtime visit to an art gallery seemed to de-stress workers. Does that mean that art is the de-stresser? I don’t think so. Galleries are quiet, uncluttered spaces made to appreciate art.   A person could go into any art gallery around the world and the same conditions would be present: A quiet climate controlled room with natural light (artifical but daylight not florescent), a comfortable bench to sit and no interruptions from technology or other people.  According to the study, it takes five hours for someone to have the same decline in their stress hormone levels as it takes from a lunchtime visit to the museum.  Maybe this study is a good marketing device for interior designers, decorators and DIY stores.  Maybe more people should be changing their living spaces into art gallery spaces so that they can reduce their stress levels rapidly.   What do you think?
Banksy Art piece
  • Holiday Gifts for Art Lovers? How about a gift certificate for art? You can contact me at if you want one for Munich Artists. If you want a Banksy, you might be able to get a deal on one of his recent pieces this Christmas season. According to this article and this one, People with Banksy artwork have been getting greedy and the pieces are not selling for the asking prices. Another problem owners are having is that some of the pieces have not been authenticated by Pest Control – a company that issues paperwork for genuine Banksy artwork. Without the paperwork, you can’t authenticate that the piece is actually by Banksy and no museum wants artwork without proof that it is really by the artist.
  • After a short commercial you can watch this video, about online art auction site Paddle 8 which is all about selling established artists. If you want to read about what is happening with the two biggest auction houses, go read about their latest drama here.
  • Some rich people buy artwork while others buy passports.  This is an off-topic article I found in my search for art news is  a gentle reminder that art is not for everyone but personal freedom is something that everyone wants when they have the money to buy it.

Photo Credit for passport stamps

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