Munich Artists is Our Trademark. Don’t Make Me Cry and Get My Lawyer

Munich Artists is a trademark of Kyfio UG.  We have worked for 1.5 years to build this trademark and create a community under it.  The idea has always been that we will create products using our trademark to create revenue streams that strengthen the art community in Munich.  At this time we do not have any products.  Anything sold at Christmas markets, pop up stores or online under our name does not belong to Munich Artists nor has it been authorised as a Munich Artists Product.  You are not supporting Munich Artists with your purchase but individual artists who happen to be using our name without permission.

This Munich Artists trademark is not open for everyone to use. It is like an artists personal name.  Would you allow me to use your name to sell my artwork without your permission or getting compensated for the use of your name?

In the future if anyone decides to use our trademark in anyway on any event, artwork, product or name without our consent, we will be getting lawyers involved.  I’m sad that I have to make this announcement but artists who are very lovely have forgotten that the Munich artists group was created to help them find other creatives and create collaborations not as a platform for artists to sell merchandise or product lines under our trademark without our approval.

We know artists struggle.  We know that it isn’t always easy to be an artist but I must remind you that it isn’t easy to be a business.  We have been looking for ways to support the community without overcharging you or taking enormous commissions.  We have offered you free opportunities to show your artwork through exhibitions and events.  We work to help you so please help us by respecting our trademark.

The Munich Artists trademark is for our product lines.  Our products are organised and curated by the Munich Artists team not galleries or individual artists.

It is a bummer that I have to write this blog post but I want to make it very clear that  Munich Artists is not organising a Christmas Market this year and we are not receiving any compensation in any way from the christmas market that has been organised.   If you want to buy products from Munich Artists, you will have to wait until next year but if you want to buy artwork from artists in Munich, please go ahead.

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