December 13th – 1400 to 1430 – Be at the Square


In our Facebook group, I suggested we have an artist installation and the artists agreed it would be fun.   I applied for a permit and the city called and said it should be ok so here are the details:

Event Date:  Saturday December 13, 2014   (RAIN OR SHINE OR SNOW OR FOG so figure a way to protect your art piece)

Time:  1400 to 1430.

We will meet between 1340 -1345 with team captains at Steinstrasse 59.  The total time of the event will be 30 minutes.

At 1430 you can head into Steinstrasse 59 and visit the kunst werkstatt cardboard box mountain and help us figure out what to do with it when the Christmas season is over.   Ideally I want you to meet new artists and have fun showing off your artwork to the Munich Christmas Crowd heading to the different Christmas markets.


Who Can Participate:  Any Munich Artist (Any Medium.  Any skill Level.  Any Age)  I want people to see the creative energy of the city. You can be a visual artist, a singer, a musician, a dancer.  If you are not a visual artist, you will have to figure a way to display your work visually because our permit will will not ask for music/dance but we would love to have you represented.

Please add your name to our doodle list to be put on a team. We need to keep things relatively organised so that we can share the name of the artists involved on the website and share links to webpages etc and apply for our permit.  If you want to be a team captain please let me know by emailing me at with the subject line (Team Captain.)

We have 8 captains and all artists need to be put in a group.   Please sign the doodle and you will be added to a group.  This is to line up in a group of fours on the field.  If you are an art group and want to be close to each other, please let me know in an email at and I will put you together as much as I can.


WHAT WE ARE DOING:  We are going to create a square hopefully surrounding a green park space with artists holding their artwork in their hands. The artists will have stickers that says “I am a Munich Artist” or “I love Munich Artists.”

My initial inspiration for this idea were the religious groups who hold signs downtown so if we stay in that vein, we stand in groups of four with a tiny space between the groups silently holding up our artwork or pieces representing our artwork like this image by Jeffrey Ely.  Since we will be doing this near Steinstrasse 59. I would like the artists to stand in groups of four along the street and we will photograph you and put you on the website.

You are all artists and I welcome you to create your own button that says “I am a Munich Artist” that you can maybe swap with other artists at the event but I will have a button there so this is not essential but I want people to know who you are.

Size of art pieces:  I want the artwork to be able to be held up and seen from a distance.  This means that it can’t be too small and it can’t be too large.  Largest piece should be 70 x100cm.  Smallest piece should be A3. If you play an instrument that you can hold, you can hold that in place of an image. If you are a dancer, you can hold a portable video screen showing you dancing.  If you are a singer, you can hold up your music CD, a microphone or an image of yourself singing.

Team Captains: Because we will need a large group of artists to be in specific places, I will be designating team captains.  The job of the team captains will be to make sure their artists know where to go.  Make sure all artists on their team have the information they need for the event.  Team captain names are above.

Other information:

  • If you want to help us document our art installation/event that would be great!  We need photographers and videographers to make some video and photos to share.
  • All the artists who participate will be asked to send an copy of their art piece to us by December 10th so we can post in on the Munichartists website and so we can have an example of your artwork if we make a book for the event.  I think that would be a fun souvenir for everyone that is involved.  It will be print on Demand available in January 2015.  I will give a one week window for the artists to send their artwork/BIO after the event with permission to use the photo but would like the image before so that in case someone sees your artwork and wants it, they can find you!
  • If you are an artist selling your artwork, make sure the piece you show is one that is for sale.  I will post all images on Munich Artists and link to a page on our site which will have your contact details and information about the art piece that you have submitted to me. This must be to me by the 10th so I can post it online before the event.
  • NOTE:  You can email me at if you need some information.

What do I get from doing this?  If you are new to Munich Artists you might be wondering what is the catch.  Well, there is none.  For the last two years, I’ve worked to build an art community and introduce Munich Artists to each other.  This event is a nice way to end 2014.

This event is also a gift to Munich Artists who love collaborating and making cool things happen and a promise that Munich Artists will continue to think up cool things for artists to do in Munich.

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