• When you collect art and it isn’t for financial reasons, you are collection for personal ones.  Here is an article talking about a woman who sold her car to buy art.
  • Art is a personal preference but certain names bring in the crowds says this article in the Irish Times.  The last Warhol and Picasso exhibitions that I went to proved the point. It was the last dribbles of their work.  I wonder if any living artist would like people to rummage through their art studios and pick unfinished or early art pieces and put them up on display. My mother did this to me this week on Facebook by posting a piece of art I did for her in my first year at university and I was flabbergasted. I would never include that piece of artwork in any exhibition and I think I need to send her a replacement piece so that I can burn that early watercolour. A big heaping spoon of humble pie on my birthday but at least it wasn’t a big pile of trash on my doorstep.
Modern Art made from people’s trash

Written by Emmy Horstkamp

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