Quirky is the Emotion for Day 8 of the Art Challenge

Quirky: A peculiar trait

I admire quirky people.  There seems to be a certain type of freedom that quirky people share in their love of self expression.  I once met a man in Munich who wore two different coloured shoes. The same style just different colours.  He loved to point this out to you as if this was his way of defying the society norm and challenging you to say something.

My sense of quirkiness does not extend to my wardrobe but to my sense of humour which is peculiar and not very German. If my humour takes a nationality, it would lunar with a touch of mars… just out of this world.

If you are an artist in Munich, please join our closed facebook group to share your quirks.  If you are not an artist in Munich, you are welcome to share your quirks on our facebook page.  If you are not on Facebook, just follow our daily prompts for challenges on the challenge page.

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