Why Would Tree Art Cause an Uproar? Art News From Everywhere Else

Tree art installation in Paris by US artist Paul McCarthy
  • People in paris were upset over the erection of an abstract artwork called “Tree” by Paul McCarthy, which is an art piece based on a joke about a sex toy.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, someone in Paris attacked the artist on the street while they were installing the art piece saying McCarthy wasn’t French.  Not only was the artist attacked but during the night, people cut the cords holding the art piece in place.  The art piece will not be reinstalled. Paris is trying to show that it can handle cutting edge art but this attack on an American artist and piece shows that Parisians don’t quite get the American sense of humour. Maybe this art piece would have been the next Eiffel Tower tourist attraction.  In Germany, on the street where we have our gallery space, there are two adult sex toy shops.  The newest one will be opening in a few days. Viktualianmarkt fought against the new adult store and lost.  I think Paul McCarthy should plant his plastic tree on the corner between Viktualianmarkt and the sex shop to symbolising that eating and having sex are both basic human needs and should coexist.  I also think Germans would get a kick out of a sex toy that is taller than most of the buildings in downtown Munich.  From the image, it looks like a children’s toy so I don’t understand such anger from a cosmopolitan city.
Capture Your Dreams on a Piece of Art
  • Sharonna Karni Cohen is offering an online platform where people can have their dreams interpreted by artists.  A nice twist on commissioned artwork.  Here is a link to her platform.   I encourage the Munich Artists who are into surrealism to check out the site. Certainly an novel idea for Christmas presents (If you are a planner).
a new Banksy girl with pierced eardrum
Girl with Pierced Eardrum – New Banksy Art
Michelle Grabner named one of the 100 most important art-world women (From Wisconsin USA)
  • Artnews just shared their list of the 100 most powerful women in the art world.  There are a few Germans on the list including Susanne Gaensheimer (Art Historian), Isa Genzken (German Artist), Karen Boros (Collector)
  • Are you a working artist?   In America many art graduates are not working as artists.  Here are some interesting facts from the Artists Report created by BFAMFAPHD.
    • Only 16 percent of working artists have an arts related bachelors degree.
    • Of the 715,000 working artists who do have bachelor degrees, 27 percent have an arts related degree.
    • 23 percent of arts graduates work in professional or managerial occupations.
    • 7 of the top 10 most expensive schools (after financial aid is taken into consideration) are art schools, according to data from the U.S. Department of Education.
    • Arts graduates’ debt loads are higher than those of non-arts graduates.
    • Women make up 60 percent of arts graduates but only 46 percent of all working artists.
Tear art off the walls in Seattle, WA USA


  • Our new art challenge started yesterday.  The challenge is 14 days long and focuses on emotions. Here is the link if you want to follow along.  If you are a Munich artist, join our closed Facebook group to share your work.
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