Munich Artists did an Internet Hunt – We Found the Band Cobario and Met a Hong Kong Protestor – Jackpot!

Yesterday I met a protestor from Hong Kong who showed me her protest ribbon and explained that she worked all day at a very serious job and then went out and protested after hours.  As you know, I’m preparing for the Long Night of the Museum…How in the world did I meet a Hong Kong protestor in Munich?

This is how.

A few months ago a business woman from Hong Kong sent me a very polite email through asking me to find a band that she saw playing on the streets of Munich during one of her business trips.  Because I have a very small staff (Myself and HK) I’m limited in my efforts to find artists but I love the challenge of digging through the internet SEO debris for hidden gems so I emailed her back saying I would see what I could do.

Using this image taken by the Asian business woman (SK), I turned on my computer, tapped my honed hunting skills and Googled for a band that represented Germany for SK. 

After a few days of internet hunting, I decided that the band she fell in love with must be Cobario, an Austrian band that happened to be playing in Munich, Germany on the weekend when the photograph was taken.

Here is a video of them playing. 

SK was excited to have the information and contacted the band. Last night over a celebration dinner, SK informed me that the band will be playing music on the streets of Hong Kong in November wearing the German fashion label.  It isn’t everyday that a band goes from a gig in Munich to one in Hong Kong. I would love to be there taking some video of Austrian men playing to the citizens of Hong Kong and getting their reactions. Maybe the band will do an impromptu concert for the protestors. Is there a German/Austrian protest song or umbrella song that would work?

I’m sharing this example of my extraordinary hunting skills so that you know that it is in my nature to hunt for good design, art and innovation but I will hunt down anything that peaks my curiosity even a band from a tourist photo. If it is on the internet, I will find it.  Sometimes I can share this information with you (band hunt) but most of the time my hunting expeditions are for projects so I am unable to share on the Munich Artists website but I love doing this kind of work and will gladly offer my expertise for a fee or amazing perks/dinner/art/apartment/car/jewellery. 


Note: I mentioned that SK is protesting in the umbrella revolution. If you don’t know about what is happening in Hong Kong, here is a link to the current protests. SK said that the police like to tap you on the shoulder and then spray you with mace. To avoid getting sprayed, the protestors have been building umbrella shelters by hand.  From our conversation last night, I get the impression that Hong Kong would like to have the opportunity to pick a leader of their own choosing not from three mediocre candidates.  Unlike other countries who protest against the government with a specific figure head to stand behind, the people of Hong Kong have just an idea that they should get to pick their representative but there is no one person representing the idea. Maybe if there was one well respected politician/business person in Hong Kong willing to step forward and be their choice, the protestors would be happy and China could accept the person as a valid choice. The citizens of Hong Kong just want the opportunity to make a valid choice and I guess the protestors will sit under umbrellas in Hong Kong until a valid choice is offered.  Here is an image of one of the very creative umbrella tents.


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