Digital Printing on Stickers – Der Lange Nacht Der Museum Installation Update

Things are plodding along.  Today I picked up the floor stickers for the installation.  Initially I wanted a carpet but Malte convinced me that stickers would be easier to transport.  He is right. All 12 floor stickers fit easily under my arm and into the back of my Mini Cooper.

The stickers have intertwining roots printed on them that connect the German columns/trees/pillars.  The space around the asylum seeker is blank/black because the asylum seekers have not rooted themselves in Germany or developed a strong support system.  I’ve also left the exterior of the zoetrope blank/white to represent a new beginning.  Being blank can also be negative as if we are saying that at first glance, asylum seekers have nothing to share.

The stickers are made for cars but should work well on the floor.  I will lay them out on Friday and figure out where each of the sculptures will be positioned on Saturday morning. I will then cut the stickers and place them on the floor.

Malte Dinkela is making a small information board explaining each individual sculpture and I’ve printed out an informational handout with information about the overall installation.

Part of the installation is video.  Katrin Vogl and Emmy Horstkamp are working on the video segment of the installation.  In the initial proposal, the videos were to be augmented onto the sculptures but the reality is that people don’t know how to use augmented apps so we will have a video screen on site with the videos and have the videos available through augmented reality.  I debated whether we should have the videos projected on a wall or on a large TV screen but that would not fit with the initial idea that the videos be available only through augmented reality accessed by phones.  With an estimated 800 people walking through the exhibition, I doubt there will be time for everyone to have the headphones on their head so I am going to have to figure out how to share the video experience offline and keep true to the artists intentions.




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