Day 9 Munich Artists Raw Photo Challenge and


Day 9 is a real challenge if you live in Munich, Germany.  The city cleaners spend lots of time running around in little orange cars cleaning and Mingas use the trash cans which are filled to overflowing.  This need to clean makes shooting debris on the ground almost the same as trying to find gold at the end of the rainbow but it is not impossible.  You, the artist must open your eyes and pay attention to those lost buttons, discarded receipts and maybe even a stray cigarette lighter.

As a street photographer, I like to shoot what is in my environment.  Today, I’m asking you to be a street photographer and shoot a composition around something that is already on the ground.  Think about that piece of trash or forgotten pair of socks as the main character to your visual story that you are creating. Do you want people to know where the debris was located? If so, get down close to the ground and shoot up.  Do you want to make an abstract like I did with the piece of tape?  If so, position the object so it makes an interesting design with the environment around it and shot directly above the object.  Do you want to show how beautiful the piece is?  Get down real close and show the texture of the debris left on the ground.  Have fun today capturing a composition based on an object already on the ground and if you are a Munich based artist, share your shot in our facebook group.


One Munich artist who loves to use debris and old papers in his artwork is Cyril Mariaux. We will be showing some of Cyril’s artwork at the Friday gallery Frauenstrasse 18 starting on September 12, 2014.  Come celebrate the end of our raw photo challenge and Cyril Mariaux’s artwork with a glass of wine and some good company.

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