Wine Helps Creativity Flow

Welcome to the second day of this week.  Here is some international, local and Munich artists news for you:

  • This is why artists get such brilliant ideas at parties.  Wine helps creativity flow
  • You will have plenty of opportunities this week to test this theory about wine when you visit the art studios and drink the wine which will be flowing all over Munich.  If you would like to attend a traditional vernissage, there is an opening at the Pasinger Fabrik starting on July 10th for a group of artists.
  • On July 25, 2014, Munich Artists will begin participating in the global initiative Free Art Friday. This is a regular art event where artists leave artwork around the city for people to find. The artwork will be left only in commercial areas of town where people will be able to find the art.   We will load photos of the artwork that artists have placed around the city for you to find and each art piece will be labeled with the name of the artist and their website on a little Munich artists tag.
  • Starting on July 8, 2014 we have a 30 day drawing challenge happening.  This is a drawing, not sketching challenge which means you can have a little help from  a projector, a light box, photoshop or whatever device you find helpful when making a drawing.  There are no rules on size or format. All that is required is that you make some art each day for the next thirty days.  We will be posting the topic to sketch each morning and artists are encouraged to share their work with us the next day.  Do on Day 1 I will give the topic.  Day 2 You will see a gallery of images from day 1 and the topic for day 2.



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