Big Bales Are All Over Munich Thanks to Michael Beutler

Bale Harvest Pinakothek Munich Michael Beutler Pink and Purple Bales

Art in Munich:

Last weekend Bales rolled their way onto the meadows of Munich.   Five million straws were used by Michael Beutler to create his installation Harvest Bale.

One of the formations can be found between the Pinakothek der Moderne and the Geological Museum.  More bales will be installed on the weekend of July 12 and 13th. Each green space gets its own bale formation which will remain until the bales are gathered to create a large bale castle.  The installation will remain until harvested on October 9th in a big art event/celebration.

Michael Beutler creates large scale sculptures and exhibited at Haus der Kunst.

Munich Artists Behind the Scenes:

  • One of our Munich artists exhibited in NYC and has been an Ebay artist before Martin Potsch.  This German artist who loves printing said he had a very positive Ebay experience.  I’m not sure if Ebay had any influence on the NYC thing but you are welcome to ask the artist for more of the story.
  • One of our talented artists has the opportunity to exhibit in Japan.  I can’t tell you details until they receive a confirmation letter from the gallery but how cool is that!   The Japanese gallery requested smaller pieces from the artist and I’m very curious to see what their work looks like small.  Will it feel the same?  You better think about buying some of their art before Asia gets a hold of them.
  • A Schwabing artist has met a Schwabing artist/gallery owner.  The two have spaces very close to each other and both own dogs.  Thanks To John Bernad and his desire to photograph Munich art dogs, the two creative Germans met which is what Munich artists should do more often.
  • Two Munich writers will have a reading at Frauenstrasse 18 on August 9th.
  • A Munich artist found a mattress box spring on a walk through Munich and will be creating a sculpture entitled “Make one’s Bed.”

Box Spring Sculpture Munich Germany

(All the information shared today has been given to me directly. It should be pretty accurate. In the future, if the information is something I’ve heard or read or wished would happen, I will mark it as gossip and you are welcome to prove it right or wrong.)

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