Art Collaboration:

Ai Weiwei pull of the moon

Dear Munich artists, don’t be afraid to ask an artist to collaborate.  Artnet reported that Ai Weiwei agreed to paticipate in a collaboration with artist Bert Benally.   Here is an interview with Ai Weiwei explaining in detail why he decided to do the work.

If you are passionate about your art, don’t be afraid to ask other artists to collaborate (Maybe Ai Weiwei will pick a Munich artist next time.)

Auction Sale:

Tracey Emin's Bed Sold for 2.5 million GBP

At a recent Christie’s auction, Tracy Emin’s Bed installation, which sold initially for 150k GBP, auctioned off for 2.5 Million GBP.  Ms. Emin created the piece after spending four days in bed after breaking up with her boyfriend.  The Japanese tried destroying this piece when it was shipped to Japan for an exhibition which tells you how unhealthy her breakup was.

Kurt Schwitters Sold at Auction

Kurt Schwitters mixed media work Ja – Was? sold for €17,463,125 which was four times the estimate for the piece.

Battles in the Art World

Helge Achenbach Art Dealer Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf based art adviser Helge Achenbach was arrested recently on suspicion of fraud. It seems one of his very wealthy billionaire clients is not happy with him and had him arrested when he returned from a business trip to Brazil.  Mr. Achenbach is famous in the German art scene and was considered a major player in the Dusseldorf Art Scene.

Not all press is good press for an artist.   Rolf Harris was convicted in the UK and the prices of his works have fallen.  There are some collectors who have put his work up on Ebay just in case you were looking for a good deal.

Artwork By Rolf harris

Written by Emmy Horstkamp

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