In our newsletter we announced an exhibition of Munich artists who attended the Akademie in Munich.

From June 6 until June 21 2014, the following artists will have artwork displayed in an exhibition curated by Anke Doberauer.

(The works shown in this blog post are examples and may not be the work in the exhibition. They are shown here so you have an idea of the style of each artist and the artistic mediums used. I will try to get over there and see what artworks are on display.)

Blanca Amorós

artwork by blanca amoros

Uli Ball

Jiyun Cheon 

artwork by Jiyuncheon

Stefanie Hubner

Stephanie Hubner

Hanne Kroll

Hanne Kroll  BCA Munich Artists

Analia Martinez

BCA Munich Artists Analia Martinez

Ana Pusica

Manuel Rumpf

Manuel Rumpf

Ivan Schmidt

Ivan Schmidt

Tom Schulhauser

Thomas Schulhauser

Brigitte Stenzel

Munich Artists Brigitte Stenzel

Lydia Thomas

Lydia Thomas

Antoinette von Saurma

Antoinette von Saurma

Adrian Wald

Munich Artists Adrian Wald

Yih-Han Wu

Munich Artist Yih Han Wu


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